PROFIBUS PA Ethernet Gateway

Model : isNet DiagM PA

Brand: Thorsis

  • Stationary PROFIBUS PA diagnostic and master module
  • Up to five modules can be connected to the head module isNet Lite
  • Diagnostic options: List of participants of the network, error statistics, event log and telegram recording.

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diagnostic and master module



Transmission Rate

31250 bit/s


flash :256 , RAM:256 kB

Power Supply

22 … 24 V

Operating Temperature

-40 to 60 °C

Protection Degree

IP 20


115 x 45 x 99 mm



Other product features



180 g


115 × 45 × 99 mm

The isNet DiagM PA module is a Profibus Master with a PA physical layer interface. It allows direct connection of Profibus PA field devices without needing a DP/PA converter. The module can serve as a Fieldbus power supply for the PA slaves or be connected to an existing and already powered PA segment as an additional master.
In combination with the isNet Lite the module can be used as a gateway between Profinet and Profibus PA or as a Modbus-TCP to Profibus PA converter. In parallel to process data exchange, the gateway allows access to the parameters of the PA slave devices via FDT or OPC. Furthermore, the module contains some diagnostic functionality, like a protocol monitor that can run simultaneously to the master to record data traffic for failure analysis, data logging, or other purposes.

Source: Thorsis isNet_DiagM PA Official Page

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