Foundation Fieldbus Diagnosis and Monitoring Module

Brand: Thorsis

  • operate as a diagnosis and protocol monitor for FOUNDATION Fieldbus
  • helps to detect and investigate sporadic problems in the data transmission in an FF network
  • works completely passive (the status of all network devices is detected and then presented on a PC)
  • integrated oscilloscope for analysis of the physical signal quality
  • extensive evaluation of statistical data on the FF H1 bus
  • The log file is saved directly on an MMC (multimedia memory) memory card and can be downloaded later to a PC

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Network Diagnostic




2 Screw terminals


Foundation Fieldbus

Transmission Rate

31250 bit/s

Operating Temperature

0 to +50°C

Protection Degree

IP 20


115 x 45 x 99 mm



Other product features

115 × 45 × 99 mm

With the isNet FFMon module, the main module isNet Lite can be enhanced by new diagnosis and protocol monitor functions. The modules detect and diagnose sporadically occurring problems during data transmission on a FOUNDATION FIELDBUS network. The modules identify configuration problems in the transmission protocol and electrical faults that cause interruptions.
The FF monitor module offers two channels working independently from each other that can be connected to the FOUNDATION FIELDBUS network via screw-type terminals.
The monitor work totally passive, no telegrams are sent to the bus. The module evaluates the status of all stations on the bus and provides a concise overview of it if needed. In this view, the bus status of every single layer of the OSI reference model is detected separately and can also be addressed separately. The module also offers a protocol monitor, an integrated oscilloscope, and an extensive analysis of statistic data, e.g., error counters or average time intervals. Long-term monitoring allows autonomous operation for a long time even if the isNet Lite is not connected to the PC. The protocol file is saved on a memory card and can later be downloaded to a PC.

Source: Thorsis isNet FFMon Official Page

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