Loop Link communications interface

Model : PR 5909

Brand: PR Electronics

  • Loop Link PR 5909 is a communications interface for configuring and monitoring PR electronics’ PC-programmable devices using the PReset software. The product consists of a communication box with a USB cable and necessary cables to connect the devices. The communication box is supplied from the USB port of the PC.

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Communications Interface


PR Electronics




  • Integral standard USB type A connector
  • Integral heavy-duty HART Minigrabber connectors
  • Certified to meet HART Physical Layer Spec HCF_SPEC-54
  • 48 inch(120cm) cable length
  • Easy to install Virtual Serial Port for any Windows application
  • Rugged ABS plastic enclosure with rubber boot
  • HART Modem Test Program included
  • HART Foundation Registered, Registration Number L2-06-1000-070
  • Works with DevCom2000 and DevComDroid
  • Boost feature for low resistance loops (requires DevCom2000)


  • The PReset software is used for the configuration of these PR Electronics devices:
  • 5114, 5115, 5116, 5131,
  • 5223, 5225,
  • 5331, 5332, 5333, 5334, 5335, 5337, 5343,
  • 5437,
  • 5715,
  • 5802,
  • 6331, 6333, 6334, 6335, 6337,
  • 6437

Source: PR5909 Official Page

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