Programmable Frequency Indicator

Model : PR 5725
  • LED display with 4-digit and 14-segment
  • Frequency input range: 0.001Hz to 50kHz
  • Input sensors: NAMUR, NPN, PNP, Contact, Tacho, TTL and S0
  • Versions with two SPDT relays and one analog output
  • Relay output functions: Setpoint
  • DC Current output
  • 3kVAC galvanic isolation
  • Programmable with Front keys
  • Universally powered by 21.6…253 VAC / 19.2…300 VDC

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< ±0.1% of span


PR Electronics


DNV, EAC, EU-RO marine, UL


48x96x120 mm


Industrial Display, Signal Converter

Input Type

Contact, NAMUR, NPN, PNP, Pulse, S0, Tacho, TTL

Isolation Voltage

2.3 kVAC

Number of Inputs


Number of Outputs

0, 3

Output Type

DC Current, Relay

Power Supply

25…250VDC / 20…300VAC


Front Display

Temperature Coefficient

< ±0.01% of span /°C


  • The 5725 measures, scales, and displays frequency signals found in many process speed and flow rate applications.
  • The indicator can measure the period of the frequency, useful for displaying the elapsed time between events.
  • The 5725D has two SPDT setpoint contacts and a 0/4…20 mA output for process control.
  • The installed display provides IP65 environmental sealing, and additional protection is provided by the optional 8335 splash proof cover.

Technical characteristics

  • 4-digit display with 13.8 mm high, 14-segment LED digits and adjustable decimal point.
  • Indicator is scalable from -1999 to 9999.
  • Scrolling help text makes programming easy.
  • Customizable trigger levels allow measurement of nearly any pulse sensor.
  • Built-in excitation source for measuring NPN, PNP, NAMUR and S0 sensors.
  • Fast response time of 1 cycle + 100 ms, and excellent accuracy of better than 0.05% of selected range.
  • The analog output current on the 5725D can be dampened from 0.1 to 60 seconds, and can handle up to 800 Ohms loop load.
  • The 5725 meets NAMUR NE21 recommendations for high performance in harsh EMC environments.
  • 2.3 kVAC galvanic isolation between input, output and supply.
  • Excellent signal/noise ratio of > 60dB.

Mounting / installation / programming

  • Easy to mount 1/8 DIN (48×96 mm) panel meter with IP65 (type 4X) sealing.
  • Approved for marine applications.
  • Fully push-button programmable.
  • Password-protected.
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