Loop-powered LCD Indicator (EX)

Model : PR 5531
  • LCD display with 4 digit and 1/8 DIN (48 x 96 mm) size
  • Current input measurement range: 3.6…23 mA
  • Easy push-button configuration
  • Backlit LCD display is readable in low light conditions
  • Display can be mounted in the safe area or in I.S. / Ex zone

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< ±0.1% of span


PR Electronics


ATEX, Zone2, EAC


48x96x120 mm


Industrial Display

Input Type

DC Current

Power Supply

Input loop-powered


Front Display

Temperature Coefficient

< ±0.01% of span /°C


  • The 5531 indicator is powered by the 4 to 20 mA current loop and is easily scaled to display the correct process value.
  • Because it does not require separate power wiring, the 5531 is perfect for remote display of process loops.
  • The 5531B can be mounted in Ex Zone 1.
  • The 5531B1 Ex display includes the 8501 enclosure and can be mounted in Ex Zone 2 or 22 (gas or dust).
  • The 5531B2 includes the 8501 enclosure and can be mounted in Ex Zone 1, 2, 21 or 22 (gas or dust).

Technical characteristics

  • With a full measurement range of 3.6 to 23 mA, the 5531 is NAMUR NE43 compliant.
  • The display can be push-button scaled to any range between -9999 to 9999, and reverse display action is possible.
  • The LCD backlight can be set to half or full intensity for easy viewing in low light conditions.
  • The display only requires 1.5 VDC, (75 Ω loop load), with the backlight turned off.
  • The input is HART transparent.
  • The front push-buttons can be disabled to prevent unauthorized adjustment.

Mounting / installation

  • Once panel mounted with the included gasket, the 5531 provides IP65 ingress protection.
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