Model : PR 4590

Brand: PR Electronics

  • Docking station for the PR 4500 programming displays
  • Handheld adaptor for programming the PR 3114 universal transmitter via PR 4500
  • Configuration upload and download tool on selected PR System 4000 and 9000 units
  • Interfaces with the PR Preset software

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Docking Station


PR Electronics



Other product features

150 × 35 × 25 mm


  • The ConfigMate 4590 is used along with the detachable PR 4500 programming displays.
  • PR 4590 can operate as a docking station for the PR 4500 – allowing the PR 4500 to be connected to a PC and the PR PReset software.
  • PR 4590 works standalone in adaptor mode for programming a PR 3114 unit.
  • Upload and download function is for backup and restore purposes on selected PR 4000 and 9000 devices.
  • The unit must be used together with PR PReset software to upload and download configuration parameters from a PR 4500 display.

Technical characteristics

  • The 4590 will be powered from the PC’s USB power source in docking station mode.
  • The included USB-B to a 2.5 mm jack cable must be used for connecting to a PR 3114.
  • In docking mode, the included USB-B to USB-A cable must be used for connecting to a PC.
  • Users must insert 3×1.5 V AAA batteries for powering the 4590 in adapter mode.
  • Indication of battery level is displayed via the three green front LEDs.
  • The 4590 will automatically detect if it is not in use and consequently shut itself down to conserve battery power.
  • Battery life in adaptor mode is approximately one year of daily use, depending upon battery type.

Source: PR4590 Official Page

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