Pt100 converter

Model : PR 3102
  • RTD Pt100 input
  • DC Current and Voltage output
  • Excellent accuracy, better than 0.1% of span
  • Only 6.1mm width
  • Excellent EMC performance and 50/60 Hz noise suppression
  • Selectable fast response time (< 30ms / 300ms)
  • Configuration via DIP-switches and selectable calibrated temperature ranges

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< ±0.1% of span


PR Electronics


ATEX, Zone2, CCC, DNV, EAC, FM, Zone2 – DIV2, IECEx, Zone2, UL 61010


113x 6.1×115 mm


Temperature Transducer, Transmitter

Input Type


Isolation Voltage


Number of Inputs


Number of Outputs


Output Type

DC Current, DC Voltage

Power Supply

20…30 VDC


DIP switch

Temperature Coefficient

< ±0.01% of span /°C


  • The 3102 temperature converter measures a standard 2-, 3- or 4-wire Pt100 temperature sensor, and provides an analog voltage or current output.
  • The 3102 can be mounted in the safe area or in Zone 2 / Division 2 areas.
  • Approved for marine applications.

Technical characteristics

  • Flexibly powered by 24 VDC (±30%) via connectors.
  • < 30 ms fast response time with simultaneous sensor error detection when selected.
  • Selectable 300 ms response time when signal dampening is needed.
  • High conversion accuracy in all available ranges, better than 0.1% of span.
  • Meeting the NAMUR NE21 recommendations, the 3102 provides top measurement performance in harsh EMC environments.
  • The device meets the NAMUR NE43 standard defining out of range and sensor error output values.
  • A visible green LED indicates operational status of the unit and the input sensor.
  • All terminals are protected against overvoltage and polarity error.
  • Excellent signal/noise ratio of > 60 dB.

Mounting / installation / programming

  • Selectable DIP-settings for easy configuration of more than 1000 factory calibrated measurement ranges.
  • The narrow 6 mm housing allows up to 165 units to be mounted per meter of DIN rail, without any air gap between units.
  • Wide ambient temperature range of -25…+70°C.
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