Valve controller

Model : Ascon KX6

Brand: Ascon Tecnologic

The controller that learns everything by itself!

Designed for valve control … but not only.

  • Dimension: 48 × 96 mm
  • Control function: PID single action (direct or reverse)for servomotor control or linear output (mA/V), PID Heating, or Heating/cooling action. On/Off, On/Off with Neutral Zone, Autotune, Selftune, and evoTune.Overshoot control and 4 selectable set points.
  • Alarm function: Two alarms programmable as absolute, deviation, band
  • Serial communication: TTL (standard) + RS485 (optional), Modbus RTU protocol with 1200… 38400 baud rate.
  • evoGreen: Stand-by mode of display for energy saving
  • evoTune: the best tunning solution for the current situation and “trouble-free” adjustment.
  • Automatic Learning: potentiometer, servo motor stroke time

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Ascon Tecnologic

Input Type

DC Current, DC Voltage, Thermocouple

Analog Input


Analog Input Ranges

0/1… 5 V, 0/2… 10 V, 0/4… 20 mA

Digital Input

1, 2, Yes

Number of Outputs

1, 2, 3, 4

Output Type

DC Current, DC Voltage, Relay and/or SSR control, Servomotor

Analog Output


Analog Output Ranges

0/2… 10 V, 0/4… 20 mA

Digital Output


Retransmission Output

0/2… 10 V, 0/4… 20 mA


RS-485, TTL



Transmission Rate

1200 to 38400 bit/s


With fix terminal block, With removable terminal block


ON/OFF and PID single or double action, Servomotor

Number Of Programs/Segments

1 program with 16 segments, 1 program with 8 segments, 4 programs with 16 segments, 8 programs with 12 segments

Special Functions

Digital retransmission, ON time, Power on delay, Soft start, Transmitter power supply , User calibration




3 displays

Power Supply

24 Vac/Vdc, 100… 240 Vac

Operating Temperature

0 to +50°C

Protection Degree

IP 65



Other product features

260 g

Alarm function

KX6 has the capability to generate various types of alarms based on the process requirements.

    • Absolute low alarm (LoAb)
    • Absolute high alarm (HiAb)
  • Absolute band alarm with alarm indication out of the band
  • Absolute band alarm with alarm indication inside the band
  • Sensor break
  • Deviation low alarm (relative)
  • Deviation high alarm (relative)
  • Relative band alarm with alarm indication out of the band
  • Relative band alarm with alarm indication inside the band

Control function

The device can be programmed for 2 control types:

    • Two control actions (heat & cool) with 2 methods:
    • PID (heat and cool);
    • Heat/Cool ON/OFF control with neutral zone;


    • One control action (heat or cool) with 4 methods:
    • PID (heat or cool);
    • ON/OFF asymmetric hysteresis;
    • ON/OFF symmetric hysteresis;
    • Servomotor control (available when Output 2 and Output 3 have been ordered as “M”)

KX6 also has the Fuzzy overshoot control feature that reduces the overshoot usually present at instrument start-up or after a set point change, and by setting a value between 0.00 and 1.00, it is possible to slow down the instrument action during the set point approach.

Automatic Potentiometer Calibration

KX6 Valve controller can also automatically calibrate a standard potentiometer with two digital output signals. This functionality will ensure an accurate and stable valve control solution.

Automatic Potentiometer Calibration

Source: AsconKX6 Official Page

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