The controller that learns everything by itself!
Designed for valve control … but not only.

  • Dimension: 48 × 96 mm
  • Controlfunction:PID single action (direct or reverse)for servomotor control or linear output(mA/V),PID Heating or Heating/Coolingaction. On/Off, On/Off with Neutral Zone,Autotune,Selftune,and evoTune.Overshoot control and 4 selectable set points.
  • Alarmfunction:2 alarms programmable as absolute, deviation, band
  • Serialcommunication: TTL (standard) + RS485 (optional), ModBus RTU protocol with 1200… 38400 baud rate.
  • evoGreen:Stand-by mode of display for energy saving
  • evoTune:the best tunning solution for the current situation and “trouble-free” adjustment.
  • Automatic Learning:potentiometer, servo motor stroke time