KUBE series: the evolution that has something more!
In addition to the normal temperature control functions, there are several advanced functions:

  • Dimension: 78× 35 mm
  • Control Function: PID single or double action, ON/OFF, ON/OFF with Neutral Zone, Autotuning and Self-tuning algorithms, Overshoot control, and 4 programmable Set Points.
  • Alarm function: three alarms programmable as absolute, deviation, band
  • Serial communication: TTL (standard) + RS485 (optional), ModBus RTU protocol with 1200… 38400 baud rate.
  • evoGreen: Stand-by mode of display for energy saving
  • evoTune: the best tunning solution for the current situation and “trouble-free” adjustment.
  • evoTools: a quick start-up with code-based configuration and instant parameterization by programming key
  • User calibration: for sensor position, class, and accuracy compensation
  • Independent timer function: five different operating modes
  • Hour meter/working days: two functions and a configurable alarm
  • Wattmeter: measuring power and energy consumption