PR electronics is a family-owned company in Denmark that was founded in 1974. The company designs and produces signal conditioning (interface) devices for the process industry within temperature, I.S. interfaces, panel meters, signal isolators, and converters. PR’s integrated development and manufacturing campus is in Ronde near Aarhus, Denmark.

PR Electronics manufacturing plant

PR Electronics manufacturing plant

PR electronics is driven by engineers deeply committed to delivering leading-edge process instrumentation products. PR’s innovative and patented technologies take signal conditioning to the next level. All PR products comply with or surpass the highest industry standards and ensure superior performance.
Today, PR Electronics’ high-precision technology – produced in Denmark – is integrated into process control applications and benefits more than 10,000 customers worldwide.

Benefits of using PR products:

State-of-the-art manufacturing:8,500 sqm integrated and automated manufacturing campus in Denmark covers the entire value chain from design and development to manufacturing. These valuable resources allow PR to design and optimize testing and manufacturing and constantly drive quality and costs down.

Product reliability: Although PR would always like to be top of mind, it recognizes the job is mainly to providepeace of mind.Install & Forget® is PR’s way of saying that once installed, the devices will continue to perform even in the most challenging environments. And as Tech Automation, we are not afraid to back that statement up with commitments.

Product Deployment: PR’s devices are intuitive and simple to configure. Once installed, they visualize
rich diagnostics data, allowing the operator to plan preventative maintenance,and maximize process uptime.

Smart products: Many PR devices are designed to accommodate current and future communication enablers, providing the operator with multifunctional capabilities that extend into the future.

PR Electronics Product Overview

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