IXON was founded in 2014 in the Netherlands to address an increasing demand from machine builders to connect machines to the cloud. Founder and current CEO Willem Hofmans previously customized software and electronics – mainly for machine builders. They worked on over 100 projects spanning more than a decade.

After realizing that connecting machines to the cloud was incredibly complex, IXON was founded. To make cloud connection easier, secure, and more accessible for machine builders and users.

We make machine builders more successful with a team of dedicated software, hardware, security, cloud, and business professionals. United by one common goal: making the world more connected and productive. (IXON team)

IXON Cloud is an end-to-end solution where the unique knowledge of the engineer, the machine, and the data from the machine come together. All the tools you need to build smarter machines within reach.

Ixon machine builder partners

Ixon is a trusted partner of machine builders worldwide.

IXON’s Product Overview

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