Our main goal is to help you increase your profitability through process improvement so that you can guarantee continued delivery of excellence to your customers. As engineers and process professionals we understand this which is why, we offer you a well-rounded selection in the field of automation technology. At the same time the portfolio remains limited in scope so that all products have sufficient quantities in stock and to ensure the excellent technical support for all products. We therefore consciously avoid identical products from different manufacturers and provide a pre-selection for you. Due to long-standing contacts with our suppliers we can provide the fastest supply and the best prices. We are also happy to help you with the conversion of products. Through this you save time and money – because your benefit is our aspiration!

Our salespeople are engineers who will learn your situation and figure out the best solution for you. After the sale is final, we’ll stick around to make sure the solution works – and fix it if it doesn’t.

Tech Automation is fortunate to continue to grow quickly and expand into many new markets including globally.  Our success comes from our valuable resourceful customer friends, innovative manufacturers that we represent, and most importantly our experienced team made up of talented and dedicated people.