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About Us

Tech Automation is an industrial automation solution provider and equipment supplier company in Dubai. We also present an online shop for our automation technology products.
Our main goal is to improve the quality of your process so that you can guarantee the quality of your products, keep your customers satisfied, and increase your profitability.
Our professional engineers have years of experience providing solutions for your process requirements.
Our selection is based on high-quality and fully certified products for your automation and process control applications. We will be happy to assist you in choosing perfectly suitable products for the reliable and speedy realization of your Projects.
Our products contain a range of high-quality control and automation devices, like signal conditioners, data loggers, local controllers, and PLCs. We carefully selected the products based on their performance, manufacturing quality, materials, and manufacturer capabilities in services and support.
We also have a long-standing relationship with our suppliers, which helps us to provide a quick supply at cost-effective prices. We look forward to receiving your technical and commercial inquiries.

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